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Jan 10

3 Alternative Lending Mistakes to Avoid

Not all alternative lending companies are created equal. Non-traditional financing programs aren’t created equal either. When it comes to financing your businesses with non-traditional lending, it is important that you choose a reputable firm with ethical and clear terms on lending agreements. Our firm, RJ Funding Services (Rafter J Funding Services) has a number of …

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Dec 27

Woman- or Veteran-owned Business? Rafter J Funding Services Can Help!

Woman-owned and veteran-owned businesses are often eligible for some assistance when it comes to business funding from conventional lenders but many entrepreneurs who need business funding who are often denied. Fortunately, alternative lending programs can be of benefit to small business owners, including women, veterans, and minority groups. RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter …

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Nov 27

5 Alternative Funding Programs You Might Not Know About

Running into difficulty financing your business can take a major toll on your quality of life and emotional health. This is especially true if conventional lending doesn’t meet your needs. In recent years, more businesses than ever before have taken advantage of alternative funding programs such as Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) and business equipment leasing. …

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Nov 15

Conventional Lending vs. Alternative Funding

Are you overwhelmed by your business funding options? Or, perhaps you have been disappointed by the process and results of seeking out conventional lending to fund your business needs. Whatever your situation and experience might be, alternative lending programs could be of benefit to you. There are big differences between conventional lenders and alternative financers. …

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Oct 07

Rafter J Funding Services: Everything You Need to Know

The world of business financing is confusing at times—especially since many business owners and corporations are new to alternative lending services. When it comes to conventional business financing, traditional lenders can take too long to release funds because lending requirements are incredibly stringent. Additionally, many industries are left out in the cold by traditional financing …

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Sep 25

Business Equipment Leasing with RJ Funding Services

Is it time to invest in new equipment? Are you worried about paying for new machinery? If so, business equipment leasing might be an option to explore. Machinery leasing is a non-traditional form of funding that allows businesses in the manufacturing industry an alternative to purchasing new equipment up front. This form of financing can …

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Aug 16

Purchase Order Financing & Business Equipment Leasing

RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding) has recently added two business financing programs, Purchase Order (PO) Financing and Business Equipment Leasing to our already extensive list of offerings. Purchase Order Financing and Business Equipment Leasing are alternative lending programs that can help solve the financial needs of various types and sizes of …

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Aug 01

RJ Funding Services has an upgraded website and a new blog!

Welcome to the official blog for RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding Services). This blog space will be dedicated to providing education on our various offerings such as Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), asset-based lending, high-risk industry loans, venture capital, and large/major project funding. Check out our Upgraded Website In addition to launching …

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Jul 08


Our founder and president, Stephen F. Williams places a high priority on professional development. By joining and contributing to associations that benefit business owners, consumers, and alternative lenders, our team at RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding) can provide our diverse client base with factual and current information as well as promote …

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