Aug 16

Purchase Order Financing & Business Equipment Leasing

RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding) has recently added two business financing programs,

RJ Funding Services: Where a handshake still means something

Purchase Order (PO) Financing and Business Equipment Leasing to our already extensive list of offerings. Purchase Order Financing and Business Equipment Leasing are alternative lending programs that can help solve the financial needs of various types and sizes of companies. As one the North America’s leading alternative financing firms, RJ Funding Services is committed to helping businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the United States and Canada.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing is a unique and beneficial non-traditional financing option that can help a business meet and fulfill orders when they lack the inventory to do so. Essentially, our team at RJ Funding Services will cover the cost of materials and inventory needed to fulfill a large order. Then, our team will handle the collection process from a company’s customer. Once the funds are collected, RJ Funding will receive a portion of the funds for covering the cost of materials and collecting the funds. The remaining balance is turned over to the client. Purchase Order Financing is great for preventing business interruptions and lengthy wait times for clients. It is also useful for when big, unanticipated orders come in that a company is not used to handling.

Business Equipment Leasing

Running a business is expensive—especially if that businesses utilizes heavy machinery and bulky equipment that is very costly to purchase out right. Business Equipment Leasing is a program where companies can lease the equipment they need for a predetermined amount of time. Once the lease is up, businesses can choose to purchase the equipment they have been using at a discounted price that is adjusted for wear and tear along with depreciation, or business owners can choose to enter a new leasing agreement. This alternative financing program is useful for helping businesses maintain a competitive edge by using the latest equipment.

Our founder and president, Stephen F. Williams is a member of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (NAELB). RJ Funding Services is Better Business Bureau-accredited with an A+ rating. Our mission is to help companies throughout North America achieve their financial goals.

Call RJ Funding Services at (325) 942-8685 for a complimentary alternative lending consultation. You may also download and fax/scan our lending application by clicking here.

Aug 01

RJ Funding Services has an upgraded website and a new blog!

Welcome to the official blog for RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding Services). This blog space will

RJ Funding Services: Where a handshake still means something

be dedicated to providing education on our various offerings such as Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), asset-based lending, high-risk industry loans, venture capital, and large/major project funding.

Check out our Upgraded Website

In addition to launching our new blog site, we have given our official website a makeover! Our team at RJ Funding Services strives to embrace the latest technology and methods of communication so that our clients receive the best service possible. Not only is our company well-known for its commitment to old-fashioned personable service, we want to educate our clients on their many alternative lending options. On our new website you will find a mobile-friendly design that allows anyone using a phone, tablet, or computer a user-oriented interface. Our website is full of information on some of our most popular services, various ways to contact us, and an online application form to streamline the lending process. We also upgraded to a new hosting provider so that our site will load faster than before. If you are interested in learning more about alternative business financing, we invite you to take a look around our website and our blog to learn more about our services. You are welcome to call us at (325) 942-8685 or e-mail us at to learn how we can help you finance your business needs.

About Rafter J Funding Services

Rafter J Funding Services is a Better Business Bureau accredited firm with an A+ rating. We have been lauded by industry organizations such as for our commitment to ethical lending practices. Our president and founder, Stephen F. Williams is proud to operate one of North America’s premier alternative financing firms. We serve businesses and investors throughout the United States and Canada (including Quebec). Call us today at (325) 942-8685 for a complimentary alternative funding consultation.

Jul 08


Our founder and president, Stephen F. Williams places a high priority on professional development. By joining and contributing to associations that benefit business owners, consumers, and alternative lenders, our team at RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding) can provide our diverse client base with factual and current information as well as promote changes in the non-traditional lending industry that benefit business owners and brokers. Our team is proud to announce that our president, Stephen Williams is now a member of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (NAELB).

How NAELB Membership Benefits Our Clients

The NAELB is committed to helping professionals and brokers within in the alternative lending industry maintain familiarity with the latest trends and upcoming regulations that affect lenders and business owners alike. Since education is a high priority of the organization, members of the NAELB have access to annual nationwide conferences and regional events that offer seminars and workshops on specialized topics. Additionally, those who are members of the NAELB can peruse distance learning courses as well. In addition to educational benefits, the NAELB provides networking opportunities for industry leaders.

Business Equipment Leasing

Business equipment leasing is one of our most popular offerings; and for good reason, too, leasing business equipment like heavy machinery can help keep a business afloat in times of hardship, expansion, or unexpected growth. Leasing machinery and other types of equipment is a great option for controlling corporate expenses and maintaining smooth business operations.

RJ Funding Services is committed to providing business owners and entrepreneurs the best service possible. By staying up to date with our ever-changing industry, we can help our clients choose the lending solutions that are right for them.

We serve businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Call us today to speak with a friendly member of our staff.