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Business Equipment Leasing 

RJ Funding Services, also known as Rafter J Funding, is one of the nation’s premier alternative and non-traditional lending firms. As part of our mission to deliver alternatives to traditional lending, we are proud to offer equipment leasing services—especially for the refining and manufacturing industries. Business Equipment Leasing is a method by which companies can keep their operating costs to a minimum, maximize profits, and avoid investing too much capital at once into machinery and other necessary equipment.

Businesses around the world utilize equipment leasing programs—whether it be for office equipment or specialized machinery for companies that fabricate, mold, or assemble goods.

Equipment Leasing for Machinery

Our team at RJ Funding Services works with a network of affiliate lenders that specialize in business equipment leasing for heavy machinery with the most common price point being from $100,000 to $500,000. Leasing business equipment provides entrepreneurs and business owners with options when it comes to repayment. Typically, leased equipment is paid for on a monthly basis at a fixed rate for a predetermined amount of time. At the end of the leasing agreement, businesses may renew their leases or purchase the equipment they used for a price based on fair market value. Values of used equipment are carefully determined by the age of the machinery and noticeable wear and tear.

Industries That Can Benefit from Business Equipment Leasing

Following are just a few of the industries that benefit from leasing programs:

  • Information Technology manufacturers and distributors
  • Automotive manufacturers and assemblers
  • Clothing factories and shipping centers
  • Food refining and processing
  • Consumer and household goods distributors

RJ Funding Services works with clients in diverse industries throughout the United States and Canada. We utilize the latest technology to streamline the application and approval process for our funding programs. If you are interested in business equipment leasing, we invite you to call us at (325) 942-8685 to speak with a member of our team. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.