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Large & Major Project Funding

When companies deploy large and major projects, they often run into difficulties funding their endeavors. Traditional lenders tend to shy away from backing large and major projects because of the risks associated with them, and the large capital required for this level of investment. Through our network of affiliate lenders, RJ Funding Services (Rafter J Funding) can provide financing over $3 million and up to $500 million depending on the project and the company in need of funds.

Finding Capital for Major Project Funding

Finding funds for major and large projects is cumbersome with conventional lending firms. For this reason, companies often seek out capital from private and non-traditional investors. Our network of lenders and investors at RJ Funding Services finances large projects over $3 million and major projects between $25 and $500 million. This funding can be used for projects throughout the United States and Canada, and in some cases, the Caribbean, Central America, and Australia.

Criteria for Large Project Funding

Business entities seeking capital for project funding should meet some, if not all of the following criteria:

  •       A salable business plan
  •       An experienced and strong executive team
  •       A clear exit strategy, if appropriate
  •       Ability to generate income and create tangible value
  •       Proprietary and/or proven technology
  •       Potential for growth

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