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Asset-Based Lending & Factoring

RJ Funding Services (Rafter J Funding) is one of the nation’s top rated alternative lending firms. Serving corporations and small businesses with custom and inventive financing solutions, two of our most popular offerings are asset-based lending and factoring loans. Asset-based lending and factoring allows business owners to receive quick access to funds by leveraging inventory and equipment or account receivables.

Asset-Based Lending

If you own a small business, you likely have inventory, equipment, and even real estate that can be leveraged for capital. Asset-based lending is one way to meet your funding needs for expansion and emergency situations efficiently and easily. This method of financing is advantageous when funds are needed quickly—especially since traditional lending institutions release capital very slowly based on upon very strict criteria. Leveraging business assets with RJ Funding Services will give you access to a revolving line of credit up to $10,000,000 depending on the value of your assets and inventory.


Sometimes referred to as “accounts receivable financing”, factoring is a popular alternative lending solution for small businesses in need of quick access to capital. In simple terms, a business owner will perform its service for a customer and submit a copy of the invoice to our firm, RJ Funding Services. We will provide funds as quickly as possible upon approval.

There are numerous benefits to factoring loans. Instead of waiting one or two months for an invoice to be paid by a customer, you can receive nearly instantaneous cash for your services. Your customer’s credit is evaluated during the approval process rather than your businesses’ credit history. Moreover, factoring can be tailored to your unique funding needs by giving you access to a line of credit based on your sales.

How RJ Funding Services Can Help

RJ Funding Services provides alternative and creative lending programs to businesses throughout the United States and Canada. Our team focuses on serving small businesses and corporate entities with excellent and personalized client service. If you are in need of access to fast cash for your business, call our office at (325) 942-8685 to speak with a helpful member of our team. After we learn about your specific needs, we can recommend offerings suited to your best interests.