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High Risk & Industry Specific Loans

Entrepreneurs and investors who focus on certain industries deemed as high risk by traditional lenders typically have a hard time receiving financing from conventional loan institutions. Inflexible criteria used by large banks and other lenders can make or break a business in need of capital. Our team at RJ Funding Services (also known as Rafter J Funding) understands the challenges that business owners face in industries such as automobile sales, real estate, construction, and home-based businesses. Those with businesses in high-risk industries can benefit from non-traditional funding when capital is needed to invest back into one’s company or expand one’s operations.

Industries in Need of Capital

Surprisingly, some very lucrative and successful industries are included in the high-risk category by conventional lenders. From real estate to dealerships, business owners in high-risk fields run into hurdles and red tape when it comes to securing loans they require for expansion and growth. Common industries affected by stringent and rigid lending practices include:

  • New and used automobile dealerships
  • Real estate brokerages
  • Commercial real estate developers
  • Construction companies
  • Home-based businesses
  • Hair and nail salons
  • Fitness studios and gyms
  • Small and medium IT-based firms

How RJ Funding Services Can Help

RJ Funding Service has an array of offerings that can help businesses in specific industries, including those considered high risk. Popular forms of creative financing includes Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), Factoring Loans, and Asset-based Lending. These options allow entrepreneurs to leverage credit card receivables, services performed and invoiced, and assets for access to fast capital in lump sums and revolving lines of credit. We also offer conventional short- and long-term loans to those that qualify.

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